Cannes – St Tropez rates

Cannes is at a crow flies from St Tropez, thus, this road is always crowded during the high season.

You have to be careful at what time you plan to get in one city or another in order no to get stuck in the traffic.

The Cannes film festival is also a good occasion to visit St Tropez because the spring season in one of the best moment to walk in the St Tropez village.

Cannes / St Tropez: 86km (53,5mi)

Basic timing for this journey is about 1hour 15min, hour by good traffic.

Car Transfer Cannes St Tropez

Nice Airport / Cannes – Cannes / Nice airport

Mercedes S Class - Car Transfer

Limousine: Mercedes S Class

440 €

Mercedes E Class - Car Transfer

Sedan: Mercedes E Class

350 €

Mercedes V Class - Car Transfer

Van: Mercedes V Class

370 €

Mercedes S Class - Car Transfer, Peugeot 508

Economy: Economy Class

300 €

Prices, here above, are listed VAT excluded in regards of the « transfer service», please add a VAT of 10%

Car Transfer Cannes St Tropez

Travel timing

Transfer Cannes to St Tropez

Summer season, for getting the best journey departing Cannes toward St Tropez, you must avoid the 10am to 12pm timeslot. During the Cannes film festival, this transfer can be done anytime.

Transfer St Tropez to Cannes

At the high season, coming back from St Tropez to Cannes, shouldn’t be done between 4pm to 7pm in order to avoid people leaving beaches