Monaco – St Tropez rates

Every day, round the clock you may reach St Tropez from Monaco and the opposite way in the cozyness of one of our vehicle with private chauffeur.

Enjoy beaching and lunch in St Tropez, experience a fine shopping and restaurant while observing the beautiful bay of Monaco.

Monaco / St Tropez:  134km (83mi)

Basic timing for this journey is about 1hour 45min, hour by good traffic.

Car transfer, Monaco - St Tropez, rates

Monaco / St Tropez – St Tropez / Monaco

Mercedes S Class - Car Transfer

Limousine: Mercedes S Class

440 €

Mercedes E Class - Car Transfer

Sedan: Mercedes E Class

350 €

Mercedes V Class - Car Transfer

Van: Mercedes V Class

370 €

Mercedes S Class - Car Transfer, Peugeot 508

Economy: Economy Class

300 €

Prices, here above, are listed VAT excluded in regards of the « transfer service», please add a VAT of 10%

Car transfer, Monaco - St Tropez, rates

Travel timing

Transfer Monaco to St Tropez

During the High season, if you need to ride toward St Tropez from Monaco, be aware to take that most of the tourists are heading toward St Tropez every day from 8am to 1pm

Transfer St Tropez to Monaco

leaving St Tropez toward Monaco, try not doing it from 5pm to 8pm. In fact people are leaving beaches at that time and reach downtown St Tropez or reaching straight the highway