Nice airport St Tropez rates

Heading Saint Tropez form the Nice Airport is not a really long distance but during the high season, do not be surprised to spend 3 hours plus on the way.

It takes only 1 hour from Nice airport to the city of St Maxime.

From this point, this where the traffic is getting crazy in summer.

the driver as the possibility to change its journey and get through “le Plan de la Tour”, which sometimes, may shorten your ride for 30minutes.

Nice airport / St Tropez: 105Km (65mi).

Car transfer, Nice airport - St Tropez, rates

Nice Airport / St Tropez – St Tropez / Nice airport

Mercedes S Class - Car Transfer

Limousine: Mercedes S Class

360 €

Mercedes E Class - Car Transfer

Sedan: Mercedes E Class

300 €

Mercedes V Class - Car Transfer

Van: Mercedes V Class

320 €

Mercedes S Class - Car Transfer, Peugeot 508

Economy: Economy Class

260 €

Prices, here above, are listed VAT excluded in regards of the « transfer service», please add a VAT of 10%

Car transfer, Nice airport / St Tropez, rates


Our drivers are heading to the airport 30 minutes before your landing time.

While landing there is 2 ways to greet you at the airport:

  • Driver will be waiting for you at the way out with a sign, your name on it

  • The driver will send you a SMS which you will receive by landing in Nice