Get organized, get supported

We allow you, or your teamwork, to dedicate their whole time to their work and have your company an effective Return On Investment.

By the past, our customers were spending a lot of time searching on internet and trying to connect with local companies in order to fulfill their needs in matter of services in Cannes.

1 contact for this, 1 for that and another for this. We bring a simple key by taking care of everything.

One email address, one phone number and this it.

From your accommodation to the delivery of toiletries. From a car with driver to a restaurant and club booking. Everything is in your hand with only one local connection.

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Cannes Lions

About the Cannes Lions

Since 1954 the Cannes Lions takes its place at the Cannes’s Palais des Festival every year at the 3rd week of June for 7 days.

The Cannes Lions, is actually the global largest creativity event, gathering active players acting into the advertising, media and digital media industry.

Inside the Palais des festival of Cannes, there are tons of exhibition stands where you can meet partners and exhibitors but the most influential ones are located into hotels suits and independent offices, specifically rented for the occasion.

The event’s main point is the Lions award, which reward best talents of the moment, in regards of creativity, efficiency and communication.

Busy busy event

During these 7 days you may be part of a lot of screenings, exhibitions, workshops and conferences.

This, allowing you to extend your network, introduce yourself and your project, discover new technology, devices and design and concretize appointments taken long time in advance.