Organize the disorganized

Timeline, classification, speed, knowledge of the event, the area and its people; it’s all you need in order to have enough time to fill the work you have to do in the MIPTV.

We centralize your needs in one connection, allowing you to be perfectly organized.

An apartment or hotel room, then a nice place for receiving your guests for a cocktail, a car with a driver for airport transfer and moving from one meeting to another into Cannes, a table surely booked into the trendiest restaurant; these, are parts of what we can do, for you to only think about your presence to the event.

Cannes MIPTV
Cannes MIPTV

About the MIPTV

The International Market of TV programs is the largest TV and digital content event. Exclusively restrained to TV industry professionals, held in Cannes during spring, at the 1st week of April. The MIPTV gathers all together the world’s best TV producers, buyers and distributors.

Market analysis, conferences, networking around the TV entertainment’s trading are the main discussions during the MIP TV Event. Complementing the MIPTV, there are: (lien vers

  • MIP Formats
  • MIP Digital Fronts
  • MIP Drama Screening
Participants Exhibiting
11,083 1,632 20,650 M2 3,915

The Cannes MIPTV is only 4 intensive days for you to meet all influential people and executives into the TV entertainment industry. 4 days is a very short period to develop your network for increasing your business. If your stay in Cannes is not well organized, you may miss some important meeting or conferences.

By getting in touch with us, before venue and during your stay, you will save a bunch of time in order to get a full working time.