Golden Riviera Lifestyle

Golden Riviera is also active in Lifestyle Management and personal assistant services.

Providing EVERYTHING, for individual and company needs between Monaco and St Tropez through Cannes.

Monaco - Golden Riviera Limo

The range of offered services is limitless

Yacht brokerage – private jet – estate rental – security service – Event organization – concierge and errand service such as: courier, house keeper, grocery shopping, estate management, delivery and much more…


We are here to help you

Considering it is challenging to perform your work or holydays, combined with your logistic, we are here to help you and release this stress.

Whether you are individual or company, we answer proportionally to your request in order to offer a bespoke solution.

So that, it is a useful service provisioning. Nevertheless, we also ensure exclusive and luxury services.

From a private jet transfer to your grocery shopping we offer a boundless solution with no link attached, membership or account.

You will be charged for what you use and buy

We are located here, we are from here, we offer our expertize of here

To individual

Whether you are an individual who live here or need to spend time in our area for holydays or work, we dedicate our work to get you a better lifestyle.

To companies

To corporation, which have to send their teams for working, we offer you to get a perfect organization by using our agency instead of searching and having many contacts to deal with for your requirements.

Building a network of services is a tough operation as long as you need reliable contacts provisioning effectiveness and quick answers.

On the French Riviera, this is exactly what we have been doing for years with our employees and partners: selecting, testing, negotiating and approving.

During certain periods of the year, such as: summer, Cannes Film Festival and other congresses, especially in Cannes and Monaco; prices are going in a wild direction.

We strive to maintain fair pricing policy in order to build customer’s fidelity.
Our tools for this are: price negotiation, small margin.
The other main policy is the high standard of services.

The Lifestyle Management Services is divided in 7 departments:

  • Estate: sales and rental
  • Yachting: Brokerage and side services
  • Air transportation: Private jet, heli transfer, airport greeting
  • Concierge service
  • Errand service
  • Table booking
  • Event

How it is, so far

What do you do while looking for something you need in a location you are not really familiar with?

Get on internet and find a company which provide a specific service
Looking for more than 1 service will cause waste of time.
You do not know who you are talking to, if they are reliable, if they provide fare pricing.

Contact a person you know on-spot
Do you know him very well? Can you trust him? Is he able do drive you in an accurate direction? Are you sure he will not get commission on you?

Get advice from one of your relative who know the area
Your relative has to be very familiar with the area in order to advise on everything. Not easy to have same conditions as they have.

How it can be

Having one local partner, acting as a hub of services providing you everything you need. This is, probably, an innovative solution for you but, doubtless, the best one.

Three simple stages:

  • Send an email or make a call
  • Get information and make inquiries
  • Obtain what you want

No account, commitment, membership required. Use our agency or don’t; it is up to you.

Our goal is to build customer loyalty, so that, we do not overcharge our services.

Golden Riviera Lifestyle supplies its services through itself with its employees, and also, with its partners. Mostly, you will get under market pricing because we have a steady and negotiated relationship with our partners and contractors.

You pay for what you use, no extra service charge. You will get one invoice gathering all assets.